State of UX 2022

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Everything Google does has massive scale and reach and its UX Design Certificate launched on Coursera this year (i.e, Google’s first step towards disrupting the university degree) is no exception. Since its launch, we at the UX Collective have seen an unbelievable number of designers looking to learn more about…

Readers of the UX Collective who are taking the Google UX Design Certificate can now enter for a chance to get portfolio feedback from a Googler.

Get portfolio feedback from a UX designer at Google
All slots filled! You can still submit your portfolio in case Google has any additional openings, but they are at capacity at the moment.

Since Google launched its UX Design Certificate on Coursera, we at the UX Collective have seen an exciting influx of recently graduated students who are looking…

Lots of writers have been asking us about the types of stories we’re prioritizing this year. Here’s a guide that can help.

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The UX Collective is now the largest design publication on Medium, reaching an audience of over four hundred thousand people from all over the world. With that, comes great responsibility with the community we build — and believe in. In 2021 we are raising the bar even higher and reinforcing…

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