Get your portfolio in front of senior designers and hiring managers

How the process works

  1. Submit your portfolio on the UX Collective Network website
  2. Your submission will be reviewed by one of our editors
  3. The best applications will will be featured in our Talent tab
  4. Every month, we do a portfolio drop to senior designers and hiring managers working at some of the most exciting companies in our industry — including Netflix, Twitter, Twitch, Amazon, Autodesk, Cash App, Coursera, Docusign, Kayak, Meta/Facebook, Walmart, and more

Tips for a great submission

  • Make sure to include a portfolio link with at least 3 case studies in it
  • Portfolio websites get more points than dribbble/behance, since websites allow you to tell a better story about each case study + about yourself
  • Your name and location
  • What type of opportunity you’re looking for (e.g. full time, internship, in-person, remote, etc.)
  • Your years of experience in design or other relevant areas
  • Why companies should consider you to a position (i.e. your differentiators)
  • Why you are excited about design and UX
  • Unless you’re specifically interested in remaining anonymous, adding your Linkedin and a profile photo helps companies feel confident that you’re a real person (e.g. not a bot).

Ready to apply?



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