Our goal as designers should be to seek clarity, not to impose a path to achieve it. — 100 design lessons for 2021

Focus your portfolio on showing your craft, your polish, and how much you care about your work. When you get to the interview, you’ll have plenty of time to walk them through your case studies from top to bottom.

100 design lessons for 2021

We can’t compensate for the lack of face-to-face interaction with our coworkers by adding more communication channels or scheduling more meetings. Think quality over quantity.

100 design lessons for 2021

Diversity needs to be at the core of a company’s values, not just a hiring metric. When that’s the case, diversity goes beyond ethnicity and gender, and includes diversity of lived experiences, ability, and generations.

100 design lessons for 2021

“Workers (now and in the future) will evaluate potential jobs not just according to the duties of the role, but also on the experiences, culture and care that the company provides to those who are a part of it. Now is the time for the real experience design. In an officeless world, the companies and experience designers who use creativity and compassion as they devise avenues for true connection are the ones who will be most likely to succeed, and their workers will experience more joy, wellbeing, and company loyalty as a result.”
Kat Vellos in our report 100 design lessons for 2021

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